Our professionally trained staff who have a combined one hundred and forty-five years’ experience in reptile care, illustrates the safe keeping and diligence that is shown to our turtles and tortoises each and every day.  All stock is housed in species specific habitats, enclosures, pens and holding areas.  There is no mixing of species and new arrivals are methodically kept separated from current stock.

Our turtles and tortoises are fed a species specific diet.  After a great deal of research and testing during the mid 2000’s at our facility, we started and to this day continue to use Zoo Med products.  Zoo Med Laboratories products have an unparalleled reputation worldwide.  Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc. develops, manufactures, and markets products for reptiles, amphibians, birds, and aquatic pets.  The company offers vitamins, minerals, and food products. Additionally, it provides ultraviolet (UVB) lighting products, ramp bowls, fluorescent hoods, aquarium thermometers, terrariums, and snake beddings.  All of our customers receive free Zoo Med samples with all our turtles and tortoise shipments.

In addition, we utilize Zoo Med Lighting and other reptile related products.  Our testing started with the Zoo Med Tortoise Foods, followed by Zoo Med Aquatic Turtle Food and then the canned products.  To our amazement, every time we used Zoo Med products, our animals voraciously ate the Zoo Med Diets.  Zoo Med have spent many years perfecting these products and the results are now proof that we have an excellent feeding source.  Important key words to observe are “NATURAL” and “no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors”.  In 2011 we started using Zoo Meds “Reptibators” with great success.  Our hatch rate has increased, and we are very pleased!

Our hatchling turtles are being fed Zoo Med Aquatic Turtle Food Hatchling Formula and Zoo Med ReptiSticks from their first feedings.  Adult turtles are given Zoo Med Aquatic Turtle Food.  In addition, we feed them krill, shrimp, fish plus Zoo Med Aquatic Turtle Banquet Blocks for calcium supplement.

Our Tortoises are fed Zoo Med Grassland Food or Zoo Med Forest Tortoise Food depending on species as well as fruits, vegetables, spineless cactus, grasses, alfalfa plus Zoo Med Tortoise Banquet Blocks.

Box Turtles are fed a mixture of fruits, veggies, Zoo Med Box Turtle Food and a mix of Zoo Med canned products such as Can O’ pillars, Can O’ superworms etc.  Some other products we are using are Zoo Med lighting including ReptiSun 5.0 and ReptiSun 10.0, Zoo Med Ceramic Heaters.  Zoo Med Clamp Lamps and Zoo Med Shredded Aspen, Zoo Med Forest Floor substate.

All of this ensures our customers one of the best selections of top quality chelonians anywhere worldwide.